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A Guide On Repairing Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinets

Published by 911 Restoration Iredell County on January 16, 2023 in category: Water Damage Restoration


Floods or leaks can cause damage to cabinets. Particle board cabinets are especially vulnerable to water damage. Particle board cabinets can be damaged by even a small amount of water. MDF and solid wood cabinets can also be damaged by water. You can repair water damage to cabinets by drying them quickly and removing all water. This guide will help you fix damaged cabinets in your kitchen.


How To Repair Kitchen Cabinets Damaged By Water

Sink cabinets are the most vulnerable to water damage. Water leaks, burst pipes and floods can cause serious damage to kitchen cabinets. These steps can help you repair water damaged cabinets.

1. Clear Out All Cabinets

First, empty out your cabinets. You can keep food items in glass or plastic containers. You should dispose of any food that isn’t in a container or bag. You can wash towels and other fabrics and throw them out with paper goods.

2. Get Water

Then, you must remove as much water as possible from your cabinets. Water can seep into cabinets and cause structural damage. Use thick blankets or towels to remove the water. The next step is to dry the kitchen cabinets with towels. Now, your cabinets should feel dry to the touch.

3. Remove Kitchen Cabinet Doors

You should also remove all doors. This will accelerate drying time and reduce the chance of any damage. Due to the weight of the doors, the particle board might sag. Move the doors to another area to dry them. Lay them flat to prevent warping.

4. Cabinets That Can Be Used Dry And Wet

Dry the kitchen cabinets once the doors have been removed. Do not use household fans. Drying the particle board will take too long. Cabinets are more susceptible to falling apart after drying. Instead of renting high-volume fans and structural drying dehumidifiers from a rental company, you can rent them. One dehumidifier and two to three fans can dry a typical kitchen in one day. Check the cabinets every four hours and adjust the fans if necessary. Dry the cabinets behind and underneath.

5. Kitchen Cabinets Broken By Water

You may be able to repair cabinets, depending on the extent of water damage. Water damage can be fixed with clamps or carpenter’s adhesive. Apply the glue to the damaged cabinets. Then, use clamps to reattach them. You can brace cabinets with 2×4 boards to straighten them if they are severely damaged or warped. When fixing doors, screw them to the back to hide any damage. Once the doors and cabinets are dry, you can remove the braces.

6. Fix Damaged Cabinets

Cabinets that have been damaged by water can’t be saved. Because water weakens glue, particle board cabinets are more prone to burst than wooden cabinets. If they start to crumble, they cannot be repaired. You can only fix damaged cabinets by taking them out and replacing them with newer ones. If you can’t find cabinets that are similar, you might need to cover them with wood stain or veneer.

7. Clean Water Stains

Water stains can remain even if cabinets are not damaged by water. Water stains can be removed by applying oxalic acid to the wood. You will need to sand the cabinet’s surface in order to remove the finish.
Combine the oxalic acid with water. Follow the instructions on your label. Apply the solution to stained cabinets with a brush. Allow it to dry. One coat may be enough for minor stains. It is better to apply two coats. Once the stain is removed, neutralize it. To wash the cabinets, use half a cup baking soda with one gallon water. The cabinets should be rinsed with warm water. The cabinets should be dried completely.

8. Deodorize And Disinfect

Although your cabinets may appear dry, mold and odors could still grow over time. To clean your cabinets, use one cup bleach. This will kill bacteria and eliminate odors. To get rid of bad odors, open your windows. Sprinkle baking soda over the odors. Next, vacuum it up every morning. Baking soda will absorb most odors, although it may take some time.

9. Refinish Your Cabinets

Water damage can sometimes lead to the need to refinish the entire cabinet. Lightly sand the wood to remove any finishes. To clean the wood, use a damp cloth. Allow it to air dry. Use a sealant to protect the wood and create a base for the stain. Apply a thin coat of stain. Finish the job by applying a finish coat or top coat to protect the wood. Follow the label’s instructions for best results.

What Causes Water Damage To Kitchen Cabinets?

Although water is often overlooked, it is an amazing solvent that can cause or repair almost any type of damage. Even though your kitchen cabinets are resistant to a spill or splash, water can eventually seep through the wood surface. The way kitchen cabinets are made can cause water damage. Particle board is the main ingredient of almost all kitchen cabinets. Mixing small pieces of wood and glue can create a wide range of manufactured wood products. To give the board a solid appearance, veneer is often applied to its outside.

When participle boards cabinets become wet, two things can occur. Wood absorbs water and starts to swell. Water also causes the glue holding the cabinet together to dissolve. As the wood absorbs more moisture, the cabinet will fall quicker. Cabinets will eventually be flooded by water. It is crucial to drain any water as soon as possible and dry the cabinets. If you don’t have the time or equipment, you can call an Iredell County Water Damage Restoration Company such as 911 Restoration of Iredell County.

Kitchen Cabinets Dried And Repaired After Water Damage

We can help if you’re unable to dry your kitchen cabinets or repair them from water damage. 911 Restoration of Iredell County offers water damage repair services that can be done quickly and efficiently. To receive a complimentary visual inspection by our restoration experts, call 704-519-2331.

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